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Brad Wick founded Wick Automotive in September 2003 because he saw a need for a repair shop in south Rockford that had experienced well-trained certified auto technicians. Wick Automotive opened on September 11, 2003 in an old 2 bay gas station at the corner of Harrison and 20th at first Brad worked there alone doing all repairs himself. 

After a few months the shop was busy with people wanting quality repairs at fair prices. Soon after one of Brad’s old co-workers, Dean stopped by to visit and ended up with a new job. Soon after Jessica started working there as office manager/service advisor. Before long the little 2 bay garage wasn’t big enough for the repairs being done.

In January of 2006 Brad saw the current location at 2201 Harrison for sale. After many months Brad was able to get a loan and bought the new location in late July 2006 This made it able for them to expand and offer more services like alignments and add more employees.

The Service Team at Wick Automotive


BradBrad has lived in Rockford his whole live and graduated from Guilford High School. While in high school he took auto mechanic and auto body repair classes at Rockford Area Career Center (R.A.C.C.). During his senior year of school he went to work at a local Union 76 service station pumping gas and performing minor repairs after school. After graduating he worked full time as an auto technician there for 11years. Next he spent a year working in a machine shop, but missed repairing cars and went to work for a Ford dealer, after that he repaired golf course equipment at a country club for 3 years eventually working for a Cadillac Olds dealer before opening Wick Automotive.

In his free time Brad likes to ride his Harley chopper (that he built), boating on the Rock, talking about fixing up one of his old cars, or fixing (at least attempting to fix) anything that doesn’t work.


SteveSteve is an A.S.E. certified auto technician who has been repairing cars for over 40 years. He has lived in the Rockford area most of his life. He came to work at Wick Automotive in 2007, specializing in heavy engine repair and under car work (i.e. suspension, steering, struts, and shocks)







DaveDave has been a friend of Brad’s for years, and came to work at Wick Automotive in 2008 as a technician’s assistant. He spent over 20 years working at a chemical distributor before working here. He came from Wisconsin, and has lived Rockford for almost 30 years.